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Example of xerophytes
Example of xerophytes

Example of xerophytes

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xerophytes of example

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For example, a cactus has white Xerophytes Examples. Examples: Catcus, opuntia, bromeliads,aloe vera Oct 21, 2014 - Xerophyte desert plants are a perfect example of adapted plants. The term xerophyte refers to a plant species that has evolved over time to adapt to dry regions like deserts. Xerophytes are commonly referred to as 'dry' plants. Plant species that get adapted and survive the dry climatic conditions. A xerophyte is a very special kind of plant that has adapted over many generations to be able to live in dry, desert-like conditions. Check out some examples here. The Joshua tree is an example of a xerophyte. Hydrophytic- adapted to aquatic or semi-aquatic conditions. Dec 11, 2011 - ocotillo cholla and Century plants all are native to the American SouthwestGardening with xerophytes allows you to exploit their special characteristics, Plants are put into categories according to there adaptation to water availability. A classic example is A xerophyte is a plant that is able to flourish with only a minimal water supply. To survive these harsh conditions they have special features. Definition of Xerophytes. The morphology and physiology of xerophytes are variously adapted to conserve water, and commonly also to Xerophytes are plants which are adapted to dry/desert areas.
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