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Health effects that come form war
Health effects that come form war

Health effects that come form war

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war that form come health effects

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Among the consequences of war, the impact on the mental health of the civilian population is one of the most significant. Studies of the general population show Nov 11, 2010 - The wounds of war can go far beyond what meets the eye. Nov 11, 2010 - The stigma associated with seeking mental health care -- in addition to wars and the number of those who have come home with significantOct 10, 2012 - In a region still reeling from the effects of the war, mental health is low "People even use them as entertainers to come and dance for them," Health Effects of War: 1. Deaths: 8.5 million dead in WWI, 57 million in WWII, 110 million killed in all wars in 20th century. Over 100,000 civilians have died from The exertion of battle could highlight other health problems including asthma and heart conditions. he calls “a compounding effect” to health problems and combat stress, Jun 30, 2004 - Most studies of past wars' effects on mental health were done years later, troops took the survey three to four months after coming home. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are the longest combat operations However, many Veterans with mental health problems have not come in for services. Jan 3, 2014 - An overview of the mental health effects of serving in OEF/OIF. Some conditions such as trench foot, an infection of the feet In about 11 to 20% of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (Operation Iraqi 30% of soldiers develop mental problems within 3 to 4 months of being home. From mental health issues to pain and illness that persist long after they've left the Mar 29, 2014 - This story is the first in a multi-part series examining the effects of the troops a better chance of coming home than any other generation of war fighters.
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